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Hundertwasser /

A survey of Hundertwasser’s work in the fields of
painting, graphic, tapestry, applied art,
architecture and ecology.

Biography with photo documentation.

Selected manifestos and texts by Hundertwasser on
art, architecture and ecology.

Selected list of books.

A Tour through Hundertwasser museum at KunstHausWien.

Exhibition programme
Exhibition archive


Hundertwasser Online Encyclopedia

Hundertwasser as a person, his work, his philosophy,

his manifestos and his concerns in the fields of

art,  architecture, ecology and life per se.

A Hundertwasser encyclopedia with work catalogue,

text and photographic archive, video and audio archive,

documentations about the artist’s life, his art works, his work in the field of architecture

as well as his ecological commitment, their origin, evolvement and international