Friedensreich Hundertwasser lives!

Hundertwasser lives on in his works, his architecture, his philosophy – and each day thousands of people experience his message of beauty in harmony with nature.

Hundertwasser – is a man of many names

Hundertwasser glowed in the colours of his brush.

In an act of faith and with contagious courage, he lights up our grey days.

Hundertwasser is a giver.

We owe him a lot.

Hundertwasser lives on. He lives on in the tulip tree that grows over his grave in the “Garden of the Happy Dead” and which is nourished by and gains strength from his mortal remains. He lives on in the numerous architectural projects conceived by him all over the world. He lives on in the many museum exhibitions of his works, in the numerous books and publications that are available in uncountable languages world-wide, in his writings, in his thoughts and in his concern for art, architecture and ecology. He lives on in all those who have met him, as an example, a forerunner, an admonisher and a guide, but most importantly as a giver.

We owe Hundertwasser thanks for the sense of security, for variety, for regaining human dignity in architecture, for the paradises that he established for himself by means of his own creativity and his own dreams as an encouragement for each and every one of us. We owe him thanks for his work, and for the shining example he set.

I met Friedensreich Hundertwasser in 1971 in Zurich where he came from Vienna with Arik Brauer for the opening of Brauer’s exhibition at the Marlborough Gallery. It was the beginning of a friendship that spanned almost 30 years, my most intense and longest-lasting travel venture through life, a strong and powerful commitment, in order to provoke the good and the beautiful, and to reap its fruits.

A friendship of merits.

Humanity. Beauty. Nature. Ecology. Adventure.

Creation/creativity. Individual freedom. Consistency. Persistence.

Faith. Honesty. Openness. Decisive diligence. Visions.

A knower. A dreamer. A realizer of utopias.

Romantic. A poet of the inner eye.

Simply Hundertwasser.

Joram Harel

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